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We Can Work With You On Packing Solutions

Sterling’s packaging solutions, known as “kitting”, can outfit you and your business with custom-cut foam inserts for any sort of package. No matter what you need to mail, Sterling can help you make sure it’s safe, secure, and ready to ship. But did you know that we can help almost everyone with their packaging solutions? From huge medical devices to a small business owner who sell the coolest fragile coffee mugs, Sterling can create custom foam inserts for everyone’s packing needs so their items always arrive in one piece.

We have experience creating all sorts of custom foam inserts, large and small. No matter the job, we’re happy to help out! If you need to ship something relatively large, like medical equipment, technology, or military-grade supplies, or if you want a case insert for packing your own items for storage, we are the team for the job. We have multiple types of foam for all your requirements!

For technology and other statically-charged items, we have anti-static pink foam that dissipates electric currents, providing both you and your items safe transit and storage without the risk of shock. This kind of foam works best cushioning TVs, game consoles, cable boxes, and lots of other tech that needs cushioning.

Medical-grade equipment typically goes in blue foam, as it prevents bacterial infection, and blue is the most common medical foam color– we’re not 100% sure why, but we go with it. We can make foam inserts for any sort of commercial project; you name it, we die-cut it!

If you don’t need big foam inserts, we can make some less giant projects ship smoothly, too. We make custom packaging solutions for small businesses, whether you’re shipping apparel, fragile antiques, or hot sauce bottles– we aren’t kidding! We recently helped a client with their own hot sauce business create custom packaging for each bottle, escalating their custom packaging from mild to red hot! Of course, we can help with smaller projects, as well. If you’re moving and want to protect your items in boxes, we can make inserts for your electronics or fragile items that need some extra love. All you need to do is bring in your item and we will come up with the best solution for your project. We can do as many as one item or produce foam packaging on a bulk scale to level up your current business packaging situation. Ditch the bubble wrap now and you customers will thank you later!

You may be wondering exactly how much this could cost, but depending on the size of the foam insert, it could be much cheaper than getting rolls upon rolls of bubble wrap from Amazon. Our foam inserts are sustainable, recyclable, and affordable. Furthermore, we have a wide range of price points depending on the quality of foam your project requires so we can work with you based on your budget needs. We help commercial and consumer clients, so feel free to reach out for more information or stop by our facilities in Houston, TX.

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