Laminating & Bonding


Laminating & Bonding is one of our core services at Sterling Manufacturing. Whether we’re gluing similar or different types of foams or laminating different pieces together to achieve the finished design, we can make it stick.

The different types of gluing methods we use are:

Spray Gluing
For some applications, especially with the polyurethanes, spray gluing has been proven to be a very effective method. A good example of a spray gluing application is in the bedding industry. To achieve the desired finished mattress feel, some customers use several layers of different foams, which are glued together.

Hot Gluing
For most polystyrene applications, hot glue is the most common method. Sterling Manufacturing has a state-of-the-art hot glue assembly line for mass-produced orders.

Heat Welding
With polyethylene, a heat welding method is commonly used for finished assembly.  Whether it is with high-temperature heat guns or our hi-tech automated hot-glue table machine, individual pieces are heat-welded together to achieve the end product.  A good example of this are the protective pieces found in boxes housing televisions and other electronic devices.  Some of the protective foam pieces have been assembled using several smaller pieces heat-welded together.

When it comes to foam adhesive services, we have what you need to get your product in the box and out the door. Give us a call today, and let us find the perfect solution for your foam needs.


No job is too hard or too big for us. If it needs foam then we can make it and send it anywhere in the world.