Polyether polyurethane foam, commonly referred to as “Ether,” is everywhere. Your bed, your shoes, your sofa, and your car all have components made from Ether foam. Although it is mainly used in bedding and furniture manufacturing, there are many other products and applications, including carpet underlay, medical applications, and protective packaging.

Within the family of ether foam, there are many different grades available with varying physical properties: density, compression resistance, elongation, tear strength, etc.

Ether foams can be modified for specific applications, such as colored foam, reticulated (filter) foam, and static dissipative foam. High load-bearing foam with increased IFD (firmness) and high resiliency foams are also available.

Sterling has over 50 years of experience recommending the best polyether urethane foam for your application. We provide the know how to get the desired result for your project.


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