Polyethylene (PE)


Polyethylene (PE) foam is the workhorse material for the packaging industry. There are several types of PE foam available, manufactured in various ways. They are available in two different styles: extruded and laminated. Extruded means the full sheet (no matter the thickness) is manufactured in one piece, whereas the laminated sheets arrive at the desired thickness by layering several sheets of 1/2″ or 1” pieces together. PE is also available in roll stock with thickness up to 1/2″.

PE foams range in density from 0.7 lb./ ft3 to 9 lb./ ft3. The compression resistance increases with density. PE foams can cushion static loads from 0.3 PSI to 6+ PSI allowing protection of stems from lightweight electronics all the way to solid steel bars.

Sterling fabricates all kinds of packaging components from polyethylene foam, including foam-cushion packaging sets for electronic items such as computers, circuit boards, printers, monitors, and hard drives. Glassware, dishes, and any number of delicate items are protected with thin sheets of Polyethylene interleaved in dish packs or used to wrap odd shapes. Cradles made from PE plank provide support for cylindrical products, such as downhole tools in the pipeline industry. Cushion packaging for painted or highly polished surfaces is made from beaded Polyethylene foam. This material has superior non-abrasive properties and is approved for Class A finish protection.

Sterling Manufacturing has for many years assisted our customers in Polyethylene foam packaging, providing protection for products that arrive damage-free at the destination every time. Let us assist you with your packaging solutions.


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