Polyurethane Foam (PU)


Sterling Manufacturing is a polyurethane fabricator and bulk supplier of polyurethane foam that is commonly used in the furniture, bedding, automotive, electronics, acoustic, and oil & gas industries.

The polyurethane we supply, primarily Ether and Ester, is an open-cell foam that is available in various densities and colors for your unique applications. In addition to our standard foam, we also offer specialty foams like anti-static and anti-abrasive for specific applications.

We utilize many different machines and different fabrication techniques to reach the finished product, including automated contour cutters with abrasive wire for patterned requests, horizontal and vertical blade cutters for shaping bulk block requests as well as hot wire tables special applications.

For more information on Ether and Ester foams, and their unique qualities, please click one of the links below.


No job is too hard or too big for us. If it needs foam then we can make it and send it anywhere in the world.