Foam's Favorite Applications

Foam’s Favorite Applications

Foam is all around us. Whether it’s in your car or on your bed, there’s a good chance that where your butt is planted has some foam cushioning in it! We make a ton of different items with our different foams, but do you know all the different industries that use foam? There’s more than you think! Here, we’ll go through a few of the various applications of foam and where you can find it at home.

1. Electronics packaging

Have you ever gotten a new television out of the box and had to pry it out of all the custom-cut foam pieces? We can make those! With our anti-static foam made to ship whatever gadget you need going, there are tons of electronics companies that need custom-shaped foam pieces to make sure whatever you’re shipping, whether it be a cell phone or a flat-screen TV, gets to its destination in one piece.

2. Medical shipments

The medical industry is full of sharp, fragile, and sometimes even toxic materials. How on earth do you ship stuff like that? That’s right, with foam inserts ready to carry glass, chemicals, and even needles from hospital to hospital. Our medical-grade blue foam is specially made for any sort of hospital equipment. Why blue? We’re not 100% sure ourselves, but blue is certainly a nice color for it.

3. Automotive

Best get comfy for that long summer road trip– and with our foam cushions and backrests in your car seats, you could even take a nap. (As long as you’re not the driver, that is.) We make cushions for all sorts of applications, but we make sure the ones for our automotive work are some of the comfiest.

4. Athletics

Whether you need mats along the walls of your gym for runaway basketball players or mats on the floor for fancy gymnastics, Sterling Performance Athletics has you covered with our top-grade athletics mats for any sport. High-density material, top-quality vinyl, and multiple color variations, our athletic mats will keep players safe and protected from hardwood floors underneath while also repping school spirit with your school’s respective colors. 

5. Hospitality

Furniture cushions and bedding are kind of like our car seat cushions, but we get to go all-out with our memory foam to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Our foam is the best of the best, so you can get the best rest. (Try saying that three times fast.) We also use our soft, squishier foam as carpet underlay so your carpet feels plush and comfortable for your feet.

6. Oil and Gas

Last but not least, we manufacture items called “pigs” for the oil and gas industry. We’re not talking about our little pink friends here– pigs in this industry are foam cylinders used to clean or inspect pipelines to keep them running smoothly. They’re little-known, but much appreciated in their industry… even with their funny name.

We can also provide raw material if you’d like to do your own foam welding, but we’re more than happy to make whatever you need for your project. Curious about what else we can do? Contact us today or visit our website! We’re more than happy to help with a challenge.

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